Croatian Language Repository: Links

Hacheck - Croatian academic spelling checker
HDJT - Hrvatsko društvo za jezi─Źne tehnologije
Croatian Language Technologies Portal
Croatian Old Dictionaries Portal

Corpus encoding standards
Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
Corpus Encoding Standard for XML (XCES)

European Language Resources Agency (ELRA)
Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency (ELDA)
Polish corpus IPI-PAN (Polish)
Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC)

Systems for work with corpora
Philologic (web-based)
Poliqarp (desktop-based)

Editors for XML and other document types
Jedit (editor for XML and programming languages)
oXygen (XML editor)
Protégé (Ontology editor, OWL and XML)
Subversion (versioning system that can be used for file and document management)

List servers and information about corpus linguistics
Corpora list
Linguist List
Stanford University links list about corpus linguistics

Institutions and organizations
European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technology (ELSNET)